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Best Vacuums and Home AppliancesNo matter what type of floors your have at your house: Wether its carpet, tile, vinyl or wood – it shouldn’t be such an impossible task to keep them healthy and good looking at their best. At Vacuum 24×7 To make routine floor care easier, our huge selection of vacuums and hard floor cleaners, including robot vacuums, cordless vacuum cleaners, and central vacuum systems, feature the most innovative design and technology. You’ll also find a full array of steam mops and steam vacuums that both clean and sanitize floors. And, for preserving the fresh look and texture of your carpeting, shop our full range of residential and commercial grade carpet steam cleaners. To keep all your flooring surfaces in tip-top shape, Vacuum 24×7 is the one place where you’ll find the floor cleaning products you need.


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When buying a corded vacuum cleaner, you first have to decide whether you want upright or cylinder. Cylinders are smaller so may be easier to store, while uprights often have more power, though are usually heavier than their cylinder counterparts.

Though some cordless cleaners are now very powerful, they will only run for half an hour or 40 minutes at the most, so for several rooms you need the stamina and power that plugging into the mains delivers.

While no-one relishes the chance to grab the vacuum and drag it around every room in the house, the best vacuum cleaners can make a tedious task a little more bearable.

If you’re a bit overwhelmed by the immense amount of different models, then check out our buying guide where we’ll run you through all the key features and technologies you need to know about. If you just want to get stuck in and start shopping for the best vacuum cleaners to buy, then you’ll find our five favorite models ranging from $80 to $500

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